About Us

About Us

Find Out More About Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Training

Martin van Wyk

Flab2Fab was setup by Martin van Wyk, Former Springbok Martial Artist, Rock climber, IFBB & IBFF masters over 50 Champion, qualified as a personal trainer more than 20 years ago. Martin leads by example; he is a competitive athlete on national level. as he is so passionate about performance and improving the human body. He is constantly driven by the incredible sense of fulfilment he feels when he helps someone achieve their goals – no matter if they’re an elite athlete or a middle-aged housewife.

Flab2fab personal fitness training believe that any person can positively change themselves and their bodies, and we will move heaven and earth to ensure that each-and-every person who enters our premises leaves feeling happier, more confident, and healthier.


Head trainer – Martin van Wyk

ACE Certified – Personal Trainer
Virtual coach / online trainer
Gym owner
Athletic coach
Corrective exercise / injury prevention special list
Director of Fitness


X-Body – EMS Master Trainer
Studio owner
Train the trainer – Personal, VIP & Corporate

Highest achievement for 2022 – Invitation to compete at the all Africa Cup representing Team Jacaranda – Classic IBFF Tshwane.

We don’t STOP exercising, Because we grow OLD
We grow OLD, Because we STOP exercising.

Flab2fab personal fitness training. We never impose our own goals on a client. We listen, advise and then coach with that specific goal in mind. We are not rent-a-friend trainers or here to put on a circus show. Flab2Fab personal fitness training Gauteng is here to get a very specific job done. That job is the one that you set for us – to achieve your own unique version of improved health, fitness and/or physical appearance.

We don’t stand-back in fact we get stuck right into every aspect of your life that you are prepared to share with us. No other way is appropriate for the commitment and investment that you should be making in your health.

Flab2fab personal fitness EMS training

Whole Body Electro Muscle Stimulation can transform your life

Whether you’re a busy executive who spends more time on numbers than your figure, or a new mom looking to shift that baby weight, Flab2Fab designs programmes to help you transform yourself.

We offer 1-on-1 mobile WB-EMS training, plus tailored eating plans and From VIPs to senior citizens of all fitness levels, our methods are tried and tested.

We’ll help you tone and firm, lose weight and gain muscle and strength.

Look good on the beach, fit into those jeans, turn heads and keep up with the grandkids.

Flab2fab personal fitness BUDDY training

Buddy training is the next level in personal fitness training, where you train with your personal trainer (PT).

The PT performs an exercise, to show you the correct posture, range of motion, speed, intensity, breathing and contraction you will then do the same exercise keeping the above in mind, your PT will also do corrections during your rep range and sets . This allows you as the client sufficient time for recovery. This also assists in the correct tempo of training where a clients want to bulk, lean out, firm or tone.

Buddy training areas:

Fourways, Midrand, New Town, Sandton Gate, Sandton Morningside, Sandton The Marc, Wanderers

Centurion Gate, Centurion Hennopsview, Centurion Heuweloord, Centurion Mall, Lynnwood, Menlyn, Montana, Waterkloof Ridge


Whenever you need us. We offer 20 or 60 minute personal training sessions. So whatever fits into your needs and schedule. Personal Fitness Training session times:

  • Early mornings 5.00am – 8.00am
  • Day Times 9.00am – 4.00pm
  • Evenings 4.00pm – 9.00pm
  • Corporate 9.00pm – 11.00pm – PT rate x 200% surcharge
  • Midnight 11.00pm – 03.00am – PT rate x 300% surcharge
  • Saturdays 7.00am – 4.00pm

We hope this has given you an insight into the passion we feel for Flab2Fab personal fitness training. If we’ve got that across, we’ve managed to show you one of the biggest and most important traits you should be looking for in a personal trainer. If you’re still not sure about that energy, and how powerful it is, meet us and you’ll be left in no doubt.


Your personal trainer should be your ideal body shape, that you want to achieve or strive to have whether the PT is male or female.

PT’s should be the clients role model, practise what they preach. Your PT should be in a less than 10% body shape all year round, unless they are bulking up for a competition.  Symmetry and balance are the key factors for anyone this will assist in injury prevention. Look at the skin tone, posture and confidence of your PT when deciding to choose the correct trainer.

Don’t always go for the PT with the cheapest training rates, rates are generally based on experience.  Some PT’s only completes a 3 month gym instructors certificate course. These people are not personal trainers, but gym instructors – 99% of the time these PT’s do more harm than good as PT’s.

It is advisable to go with a trainer that has completed a diploma or similar qualification with atleast 10 years’ experience as a gym instructor, ask the PT for references of clients that has trained with them before and check-out the progress they have made, etc. also ask for before and after transformation pictures.  It is always better to choose a PT that is a competitive athlete.

Before choosing your PT, go and watch your PT training other clients.

NO-NO PT’s, the ones that are constantly on their cell phones, texting, taking calls, not watching your every move. A good trainer will wear short pants/long tights, figure hugging t-shirts to show-off their hard-work, avoid PT’s in baggy tracksuit pants & T-shirts these should be warning signs. Personal Trainers charge your per hour, so it is plain rude & unprofessional to interrupt your training session.

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