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Whatever your age, experience or fitness level we’ll deliver the right solution for you.

Mobile Training

WE COME 2 U - We're a team of dedicated mobile personal trainers, coaches & wellness professionals.

Gym Training

U COME 2 US - We're obsessed with improving what we offer. We eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness.

Personal Fitness Training

Choose: mobile (we come 2 u) or in gym (u come to us)

Flab2Fab – Personal Mobile Fitness Training

We’re a team of dedicated mobile personal trainers, coaches & wellness professionals, who provide a range of solutions to clients all over Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion & Pretoria.

Personal Training at home

Want to exercise, but hate going to the gym? Flab2Fab – Personal Mobile Fitness Training can provide at home personal training, strength & conditioning, rehabilitation fitness training sessions.

Flab2Fab – Personal Mobile Fitness Training provide all the equipment, expertise, and assurances to help you achieve the most out of your personalised fitness training sessions. Talk to us about your number 1 health priority.

Personal Training at work

Are you too busy to leave your office or desk or too exhausted at the end of the day to exercise? Flab2Fab – Personal Mobile Fitness Training can literally conduct a personal training session in your office, or help you take advantage of (or set up) a wellness program or onsite corporate gym or EMS studio.

Talk to us about how to get some balance back into your work life!!

Outdoor Personal Training

Want to exercise in the great outdoors in fresh air? Flab2Fab – Personal Mobile Fitness Training can meet you at your local park for outdoor personal training and small group personal training sessions, or you can attend one of our public outdoor groups in your local area.

We can even start a group for you and your friends or colleagues with a minimum of 8 people. Talk to us about your needs today.

Online Personal Training

Do you need some support, but not a face to face trainer? We can support you with our remote personal training and coaching options.

Everything from personalised gym programs, skills training, wellness coaching and nutrition support can be delivered remotely. Talk to us about how we can support you from afar!

Flab2Fab – Personal Mobile Fitness Training is all about you! Health & fitness your way, in the convenience and privacy of your home, estate, sports club or private gym.

  • One of South Africa’s most experienced personal training teams, we’ve been helping clients for over 20 years!
  • South Africa’s only personal training business of it’s kind. Our team are dedicated permanent members of the Flab2Fab family, we’re not a commercial gym, a directory or an agency of casuals.
  • Mums, husbands, dads, wives, sister’s brothers, just like you!  Flab2Fab understands that personal training is part of your balanced lifestyle and one of your many priorities, not the focus of your entire life!
  • Normal people, passionate about helping you be the best you can be!  You won’t find any drill sergeants here, but we will challenge you, respect you and motivate you to achieve your personal best every day.

What is involved in mobile personal training with Flab2Fab – Personal Mobile Fitness Training?

Your first session with your mobile personal trainer is a 40 minute comprehensive health appraisal. We’ll determine your current fitness level, take a range of measurements, find out what you want to achieve and discuss how to get you there. We also take some detailed readings using our sophisticated in-body equipment that tells us all the nitty gritty we need to know to help you achieve your goals. The next step is for your personal trainer to go away and design your individual program. This includes your face to face personal training sessions, your “homework” or DIY exercise sessions and your detailed nutrition strategy, including meal plans if required. Then each session you will be warmed up, worked out and stretched according to your goals. Every personal training session is tailored for each-and-every client, but you might enjoy…

  • Strength training using weights, bands, body weight
  • Cardio fitness sessions
  • Interval Training / HIIT
  • Posture, core & back strengthening sessions
  • Injury rehabilitation & prevention
  • EMS – Electro muscle stimulation training
  • Sport specific skill sessions

Where do Flab2Fab, mobile personal training sessions take place?

Flab2Fab mobile personal training team services most suburbs in Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria. Our trainers work within 30km radius of their home base. Flab2Fab bring all our fitness equipment with us, so we’ll be wherever you need us.

We can train you…

  • in your home, or backyard
  • a local park or reserve (in secure estates)
  • your workplace
  • your school,
  • your sporting club,
  • your onsite gym
  • remotely via Zoom or Skype

Why do we do it?

The entire Flab2Fab team of personal trainers and support staff, are absolutely dedicated to helping you achieve your personal best. We love what we do and are proud to be part of the solution for you!

When can we train?

Whenever you need us. We offer 40 or 60 minute personal training sessions. So whatever fits into your needs and schedule.

Personal Training session times:

  • Early mornings 5.00am – 8.00am
  • Day Times 9.00am – 4.00pm
  • Evenings 4.00pm – 9.00pm
  • Corporate 9.00pm – 11.00pm – PT rate x 200% surcharge
  • Midnight 11.00pm – 03.00am – PT rate x 300% surcharge
  • Saturdays 7.00am – 4.00pm

Who can we train?

Flab2Fab – Personal Fitness Training, has helped personal training clients through over thousands of sessions. Our clients want to lose weight, increase their fitness, tone up, reduce pain and injury and feel good about themselves. Whatever your age, experience or fitness level we’ll deliver the right solution for you.

Our clients are…

  • Aged 20 – 90
  • Males & Females
  • Beginners through to advanced
  • Chronically unfit through to athletes

We also have expertise helping special needs clients such as…

  • Disabled and blind, deaf, adults and children
  • Injured, pre or post surgery adults
  • Pregnant and post natal women
  • Obese and bariatric, adults and children
  • Older adults (70 plus)
  • Fibromyalgia

What’s the best way to achieve my goals with Flab2Fab – Personal Fitness Training?

That’s the easy part!

  • Mindset – expect to succeed by deciding to make it happen and celebrate when you do!
  • Planning – make your appointments with you trainer (and yourself) a priority and stick to them
  • Self-Care – keep yourself in balance through a cycle of training, activity, recovery & rest
  • Nourishment – eat & drink what you need (and no more) and avoid what you don’t need

How do I start mobile personal training with Flab2Fab – Personal Fitness Training?

That’s the easy part! Just click here to REGISTER and we’ll be in touch to get you all set up!

Prefer to have a chat?

We’d love to hear from you! Simply drop us a line below with your questions, or give us a call on 073 635 4062 during business hours and we will call you back. We look forward to helping you get started.

    Any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries your trainer should know about?
    Where would you like to be trained ?

    What results are you looking to achieve?

    What service are you interested in?

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Training

    Mobile & Buddy Training – The home of champions

    Transform your body … Transform your LIFE

    Flab2Fab Fitness Buddy training is a creative and supportive environment which provides a passionate community for men and women. Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Training helps you to feel healthy, look healthy, unlock your potential, and be healthy like-minded people.

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Training was founded for one simple reason, wanting to create the most effective personal training method. The aim of this website is to show you why training at Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Training is so different, and so effective.

    Originally started as 1-on-1 mobile fitness personal training, providing services at private home and offices, have grown to become recognised within the fitness industry. Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Training delivers high quality results and service through expert coaching, accountability and support in a family like environment.

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy Training (1) NO Gym membership fees or contracts (2) Free gym access with your buddy trainer (3) you only pay your trainer.

    The Flab2Fab team is older, more experienced, can relate to various restrictions and better qualified than you will find anywhere else, offering the top 10 best personal trainers in Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion & Pretoria.

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy Training has 2 focus points:
    1) concentrating on longevity & health other than lycra and a 6-pack
    2) clients looking to have 6-pack abs, wanting to look great naked, and would like to compete in various fitness shows and possibly represent their province or country.

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy Training studio, is creating a vibrant friendly community where members can inter-act with each other, are very supportive, welcoming and encouraging.

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy training would like to welcome you to Unique Results and new friendships. You don’t need to be a competitive athlete to be a champion, achieving your goals shows the drive and commitment of a champion.

    1-on-1 / Group  Personal Training

    “Creating a healthier you – from Jellyfish 2 Hour-glass”

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy Training pride us on being the most welcoming, friendly that you’ll ever find for people for people who hate to sign 12 and 24 month gym membership contracts

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy Training provides a supportive, healthier and passionate community for women and men. Flab2Fab help you to unlock your potential and LOOK healthy, FEEL healthy and BE healthy with, like-minded people.

    Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy Training would love the opportunity to do the same for you.

    Unique results converting your Flab 2 Fab, IF YOU:

    • want to make a change to the way you look & feel
    • want to get the most out of life and have loads more energy
    • have tried diets or exercise in the past and have given up or they haven’t worked for you
    • are not confident or are uncomfortable going into big impersonal gyms
    • you recognise you need guidance & expert help to get you where you want to be

    This includes the following:

    • Inner scan – full body assessment to determine your starting point
    • Goal Setting
    • Functional Movement
    • Teaching you some basic movements – correct posture.
    • Nutrition program – meals, vitamins and supplementation
    • Groups are capped at 8 people per class

    Most of Flab2Fab Personal Fitness Buddy Training members aren’t used to regularly exercise when they join us, so they’ve got no idea what they’re capable of. Some of them may have concerns around injuries or medical conditions they’ve had in the past.

    Some clients need a bit of extra help as they start of their fitness journey with us and that’s why we’ve created the Flab2Fab Programme which is the way every new member is introduced into our Buddy training system – converting your flab and wanting to look and feel fabulous.

    EMS  Personal Training

    EMS – Electro muscle stimulation training



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